Title Insurance

TRI CITY CLOSING & ESCROW is an agent for First American Title Insurance Company. We can issue title insurance coverage in any amount and for any property. All title policies are ALTA approved forms and can be endorsed and modified as needed.


Title Reports

if a title search is needed, TRI CITY CLOSING & ESCROW can provide statewide title searches.  Title Reports can give you the current ownership of the property, as well as all mortgages, liens, and judgments which may affect the property. In addition, these reports will provide the current property tax information.

Closing Services

TRI CITY CLOSING & ESCROW’s caring staff of highly trained and experienced escrow closing personnel is your personal Escrow Team.  Their sole goal is to guide you through the process and make your transaction as smooth and painless as possible. We will contact you when necessary and to set the date and time of closing.  In the meantime, you can relax and take comfort in knowing we are working hard for YOU.

Construction Policies

As part of our title insurance services, TRI CITY CLOSING & ESCROW can furnish any construction loan policy, with pending disbursement provisions for ongoing construction, as may be needed. For any construction, residential, or commercial transaction, we will be glad to write title insurance for your protection.


Title Opinion

TRI CITY CLOSING & ESCROW offers Title Opinion services.  Our Real Property Attorney has more than 28 years of Real Property Law experience.